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This is Us

Paul Burgess is a rock drummer best known as a member of hit-makers 10CC, who has also manned the kit for legendary bands including Jethro Tull, Camel, Magna Carta and The Icicle Works.

Ken Nicol is one of the UK’s leading guitarists and singer/songwriters who has been a member of The Albion Band and Steeleye Span, as well as having a highly successful solo career.

Rick Kemp is the long-serving bass player with folk-rock phenomenon Steeleye Span plus being an acclaimed guitarist, songwriter, singer and record producer.

Ken Nicol said: “I played with Rick when we were both in Steeleye Span and some time ago I was talking with him about putting a band together to play our own music. He liked the idea of trying it as a three piece, which meant we had to decide who we wanted on drums. We figured that there was no-one we wanted more than Paul Burgess.

“I’ve worked with Paul in the past, and he’s a fantastic drummer. So we talked to Paul, and he was very keen to be involved.

“We play a combination of new material and some of our favourites from our own back catalogues, a bold blend of blues, rock and folk. On stage we combine the music with specially produced video presentations, projected onto big screens, so it is very visual as well. It’s quite an event; a proper show rather than just a musical gig.”

“Our set is a real mixture of not just band material with Paul, but also solo spots from Rick and I. If a song has a story to it there will be images that relate to that story, and also pictures and video from the things we’ve all done individually down the years.”